Friday, June 24, 2011

Now Enrolling 2011-2012 Pre-School!

Don't miss your chance to enroll your child in Castle Kids Pre-School! Space is limited. Now Enrolling for T-TH classes ONLY. 9:30-12:00! Additional PM classes may be available once the AM class is filled. Please call for more information or to schedule a visit to our classroom! 801-465-7942

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Museum of Ancient Life

We are "dig-in" Dinosaurs this month! All month we have had fun learning about pre-historic animals. We have made Dinosaur eggs, fossils and much more. Yesterday our class traveled to the Museum of Ancient Life to learn more about Dinosaurs! It was a great fieldtrip and one that I know the kids will always remember.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Open Enrollment Aug. 25-27th 4-6 PM

Castle Kids Pre-School and Childcare is hosting an open enrollment this coming
Wed-Fri. from 4-6pm 687 East 600 South
Come check out our classroom, meet the teacher, and see what we are going to do this fall!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Castle Kids Graduating Class of 2010

Top Row:L to R Izaak, Izrael, Ashton
Bottom Row: L to R Alli, Keira, Hailey Jo


Hailey Jo




This years Graduating Pre-School Class! Congratulations to my very wonderful students! Graduation was a huge success! My students learned so much this year and I'll miss them all so very much!! Good luck to the few who will be attending Kindergarten next fall!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Will you be Mine

Our Valentines Day party was a full of laughter, treats, songs, and games! We all decorated a valentines box, passed out our valentines, and played a few different games.

A Day at the Dentist

In February our class had a great time visiting Pediatric Dental in Spanish Fork! This has to be one of the most cutest Dentist offices I have ever been to. The kids had a lot of fun discovering the differnt areas of the dentist office and finding out how each dental tool worked. They also learned the proper way to brush their teeth and why it is so important! Each child got the chance to brush Harry the Horses' teeth and ride in the dental chair. They also recieved a goodie bag with a tooth brush, floss, and a toy to take home with them. Thank you Pediatric Dental!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today we went on a trip to the moon! Before we climbed on board of our space shuttle we sat down and packed our suitcase of what each of us would take with us on our journey to the moon. The girls packed dolls and Teddy bears. The boys were sure to put in some binoculars and tents. Kaiden even glued a GPS unit in his suitcase. He said it was so he could have a map to get home. So CUTE! We then put on our "Jet pack's", space helmet's, and "moon boots" to take that Giant Leap for all man kind! Each Castle Kid placed the US flag on the moon! They also had fun taking turns showing us their best Moon Walk!
Funny things kids say:
On Tuesday before we started to learn about space and space travel, I asked each kid how they thought we traveled to the moon. This is the response I was given:
-We take a Bunny Buck to the Moon
-We take a boat to the Moon
-We take a Rocket to the Moon
-We take a bunny to the Moon
-We take a Elephant to the Moon
Hopefully after today's lesson they all know how we travel to the moon.